What is CaseDesk?

We are the preferred platform that connects healthcare providers and insurance companies with their customers.
Our goal is to help organizations extend their services and products so that the goal of reintegration is at the center.
We offer solutions and services to facilitate communication and collaboration in case management and continually adapt these tools to the methodology and needs of different stakeholders.
We believe that primary care providers should focus on reintegrating patients rather than on the burdensome administration and documentation of cases. We have created a powerful software platform that can tremendously reduce administrative and operational workload.
We provide better insight into key metrics and give you more time to focus on the important activities of integration.
Our mission is to create simple digital tools for everyone involved in case management.
We care about making case management simpler, more efficient, and therefore more sustainable. With our solutions, the process can be managed proactively, instead of reactively.

How did CaseDesk come into being?

The stress and burnout problem affects every company today and socially affects all layers and areas.
The idea of a digital solution to bring all stakeholders together at one “desk” was thoroughly and fundamentally elaborated and implemented in a master thesis. This involved going through various cases and gathering feedback from affected individuals, employers, doctors, psychologists and case managers.
The knowledge gained from all the cases and information gathered in practice resulted in the product “CaseDesk”.
Currently, “CaseDesk” has been relaunched with a modern look and feel and has gained a lot of functionality. Many insights from insurers and those affected are now flowing back into the “CaseDesk” solution.
We strive to continuously improve the product and incorporate insights from ongoing cases.

Your CaseDesk team

About us Case Management software

Über uns

Wir sind die bevorzugte Plattform, die Gesundheitsdienstleister und Versicherungsunternehmen mit ihren Kunden verbindet.

Unser Ziel ist es, Unternehmen dabei zu helfen, ihre Dienstleistungen / Produkte zu erweitern und sich auf ihre Ziele zu konzentrieren.

Wir bauen Werkzeuge im Geiste einer schlanken Methodik. Dann testen und implementieren wir sie. Wir stützen uns auf die Bedürfnisse und Erwartungen unserer Stakeholder.

Wir glauben, dass sich medizinische Grundversorger auf die Patientenversorgung konzentrieren sollten, nicht auf die Dokumentation. Wir haben eine leistungsstarke Softwareplattform geschaffen, die den administrativen und betrieblichen Arbeitsaufwand reduzieren kann.
Wir bieten einen besseren Einblick in wichtige Kennzahlen und geben Ihnen mehr Zeit, sich auf die Patientenversorgung zu konzentrieren.

Unsere Mission ist es, einfache Werkzeuge für alle zu schaffen.

Wir kümmern uns. Ihr CaseDesk-Team

About us Case Management software


Sven P.

Teamleiter Liegenschaftsverwaltung

Only over time did I realize that reflecting myself in the key decisions. Since then it is no longer that work is important to me, but that I am important to work. Even after the full resumption of work, I still take a quick look back at the day. CaseDesk has guided me to internalize and manage this behaviour.

Stefanie H.

Case Managerin der Versicherung

We gained a lot of time by using CaseDesk. Information is available centrally and it will be closed for a longer time. The information on the unemployed reads the way to the psychiatrist from client and worker. This leads to a quick official perception of the workload and quicker integration. I have to be able to use CaseDesk.

Dr. H.

Facharzt für Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie

One of the ideas from CaseDesk contracts me especially the daily reflection of the patient. Concerns about the state of mind in the evening. The process of reflection is the personal management of the therapy. An art reflection routine develops through the app. These follow the competencies of the patient and prevent a relapse.

Marjana V.


The following political discussions gave the employee and our security and confidence that the reintegration will proceed positively. With the entries on CaseDesk, we remove our view from the psychiatrist perception and have received our answers to our questions.

Mirjam C.


With CaseDesk, I found it easier not to get into the same difficulties again due to the stress. The stress in the workplace is still high, but I've found a way to deal with it. I learned this from the psychologist and applied it at work.