For Case-Managers

Software für Case Manager

Software for reintegration process

The Case Manager coordinates the treatment program of clinical patients. The reintegration process includes assessment, treatment planning, linking, advocacy, and monitoring. CaseDesk gives you ongoing insight into the reintegration process. Because you can see both client reflection and employer feedback and the ongoing adjustment of the reasonableness profile at any time.

You can be alerted promptly by employers, clients and doctors when difficult situations arise. The sub-goals can be kept in mind better, and steps to increase can be set in such a way that they are neither too ambitious nor too low-threshold. This will accelerate the integration process to the appropriate pace and reduce the length of the absence from work.

Simple Case Management

By storing the common files, such as Job profile or target agreement in a place accessible to all parties, reduce the flood of mail.

CaseDesk simplifies case management for you in times when face-to-face meetings are limited or not possible at all (e.g. corona pandemic).

No interim reports are required beyond the initial medical report. The important information on reasonableness and restrictions is updated continuously by the doctors. You no longer wait for a doctor’s report and save the costs for it.

At CaseDesk you will receive feedback about your work as a specialist in integration.