For Employer


You exchange information regularly in a structured manner with those affected through defined time windows and record your employer feedback on CaseDesk. Those treating and accompanying the case have access to it, but not those affected. Therefore, there is also, space for your fears wishes and hopes.

Your assessment finds its way unaltered to the treating person and can be included in the control and optimization of the therapy. By working with CaseDesk, integration is achieved more quickly and sustainably and the risk of relapse is greatly reduced.

The absence times are reduced. This means that teams do not have to act as substitutes for as long and thus experience relief.

In addition, your pension fund will not be charged with costs for long-term cases (disability pensions).

Common files such as job descriptions, integration plans or descriptions of physical and/or mental limitations are stored centrally and can be accessed by everyone.

This contributes to better transparency and promotes the awareness of working together towards the integration goal.

This joint work towards the integration goal promotes commitment in individual casesand promotes a positive corporate culture.

General information on social security and integration processes can also, be accessed on CaseDesk.