For Insurance Companies or Service-Providers

CaseDesk gives your case managers a better insight into the integration process. Both clients and employers provide feedback via the platform, which doctors and case managers can evaluate and use to control the further process.

By adapting the reasonableness profile to the right time, the integration proceeds at an appropriate pace. Both excessive and insufficient demands are avoided. The reintegration succeeds faster and more sustainably according to the principle “as much as possible, as little as necessary”.

You lower the costs in the event of a claim and help to keep the loss yield of your customers within manageable limits. This is a guarantee for low premiums and thus also for effective customer loyalty to your company.

CaseDesk enables your case managers to manage cases in times when face-to-face meetings are limited or not possible at all (e.g. corona pandemic).

The constant inquiries from the doctors no longer apply and are replaced by their assessment entries based on the bring principle. At CaseDesk you will receive feedback on the work of your case managers in the integration process.

Through an anonymized evaluation of the integration cases, you will receive input to improve your own integration processes and pointers on how the company health management can be further promoted.