For Doctors

Software für das Case Management für Ärzte

With CaseDesk you receive an assessment of the practical course
of the integration of both patients and employers.

This closes the gap between your doctor’s practice and Your workplace and you are closer to the integration process yourself. You recognize critical developments, even without patients reporting, and you can react to them at an early stage.

At CaseDesk you can also make changes to the Communicate reasonableness profile. You save yourself the tedious task of writing of progress reports for the insurance company and only record what is relevant.

Data protection is given at all times. The data is encrypted and the access rights for each party are clearly regulated. Employers have, for example, no access to client reflection.

The medical secret is always preserved, as no medical reports or information on diagnoses etc. are stored on CaseDesk. Your entries only correspond to those of a formulated certificate of incapacity for work with information on reasonableness and restrictions.

When the integration is complete, you will receive feedback from the other parties and can thus additionally check the effectiveness of your treatment.

On the other hand, you can also give the other parties feedback and thus input on their process improvements.